Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

“Love never ends.” 1 Cor 13:8

The early church members wove the teachings and actions of Christ into their daily lives. They worshipped together, broke bread in fellowship, studied the Word of God with united hearts, and helped one another. Similarly today, we at Leesville Road Baptist Church celebrate the loving blessings that God has given us and share the love with our community. This sharing occurs in numerous ways including meals and gatherings, special prayer meetings, visits to the sick, and any event where we can glorify God and strengthen Christian bonds. We use our God-given gifts and abilities to serve the Lord, spread discipleship, and minister to those in need. Our ministries energize us while blessing both givers and receivers.

There’s always room for more in ministry, so come join us!

New Member Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to help seekers find answers to many of the basic questions concerning what it means to follow Jesus and maybe prepare for Church membership. This class affords the opportunity to both explore the Christian faith and be further discipled. The time spent here prepares individuals for Church membership. However there’s never any obligation to join LRBC, and the class is open to all.

Pastor Damon Williamson leads this class at each group’s unique pace, guiding seekers, discipling believers, and helping individuals prepare for active Church membership. We earnestly desire for all of our guests to feel welcomed and wanted, and we help them take the next steps to receive salvation by faith in Christ, be baptized, and unite in Church membership. However, one does not have to make any commitment or decision to join LRBC at the conclusion of this class. Our sincere hope is that God will use this series of teaching to unite you with His Church at LRBC, but this is between you and the Lord Jesus.

Currently we meet on Sunday at 10:00 AM on a bi-weekly schedule. For more information or to take the first step, contact us.

LRBC members are those believers in Christ who have been saved by grace alone through faith alone, and who have been baptized by immersion. Members affirm the whole Bible as the standard for faith and practice. They covenant together to actively engage in community, evangelism, worship, ministry, prayer, and discipleship for the purpose of pursuing growth in Christ Jesus to the praise of His glory!

Sunday School

We meet every Sunday at 10:00 AM for Sunday school, led by Deacon Robby Clayton using the Lifeway Bible Studies for Life series.

The studies combine Scripture with lessons that apply to our daily lives, offering Christian guidance for serving the Lord in our church, in our homes, and in our communities. Deacon Robby encourages active discussion that deepens our understanding of God’s grace as well as His commandments as we find meaning in an ever-changing world. Through Scripture, lessons, and discussion, we tackle contemporary challenges and learn to bring Christ following and Christ worshipping to bear in our everyday lives. The studies always challenge us with relevant messages that enrich our relationships, deepen our faith, and help us grow in knowledge of the Lord. We welcome adults of all ages to participate in these valuable sessions.

Children’s Ministry

Few things are more important than nurturing a love of God and faith in Jesus within the tender minds and hearts of our children. In the Bible, when the apostles tried to hasten away children who flocked to Jesus, He said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14 ESV)

With those words in mind, LRBC strives to help parents give their children a biblical foundation by which the child can know, love, and follow Jesus. We provide the following services for children:

  • Sunday school at 10:00 AM. While the adults are in Sunday school, children attend their own version of Sunday school that is geared toward their young, growing minds.
  • Childcare and Children’s Church at 11:00 AM. For infants and small children, we offer a nursery and childcare during the adults’ Sunday worship. For older kids, we provide Children’s Church. Children may instead remain in the adult worship service under the supervision of a responsible adult.

In partnership with parents, we teach children about Jesus and His love for them. We strive to help children cultivate solid relationships with Jesus and with fellow Christians, preparing the little ones to walk the narrow path in the light of God.

Both Sunday school and Children’s Church provide a safe, friendly environment where children learn biblical truths in creative ways. Through positive interaction with church volunteers, the children receive the Word of God while engaging in age-appropriate activities and games.

Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer Request

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, we take a break from our weekday schedules to engage in comprehensive study of particular biblical verses or themes. This mid-week respite from our chores to delve into God’s Word renews our faith and trust in God, strengthening us to face the world’s challenges. The service provides a much-needed retreat.

In addition, at this service we raise prayer requests for those who suffer or are in need of God’s intervention. We also pray for the unspoken intentions deep inside us. We pray in full trust that God hears our prayers and understands our pain with immeasurable love and compassion. We know that He will answer our prayers according to His perfect will, for He is the hope of the afflicted.

Illness, Tragedy, and Bereavement

When we learn that a member is very ill, has suffered a tragedy or the loss of a loved one, our congregation shares God’s love with prayer, word, and action.

Led by our pastor and deacons, we visit the sick and bereaved in their homes or in the hospital, sometimes bringing meals along with generous servings of prayer. Many times, those who suffer simply need to talk to an understanding soul. It is our privilege to be vehicles of comfort, to refresh their downcast spirits, and to help them focus on God’s infinite love for them.

In addition, during these times our congregation comes together in prayer, firmly believing that God hears our prayers and accomplishes great things through the channel of divine intervention. He alone can heal brokenness, He alone offers hope for the hopeless.

Music Ministry

During Sunday worship, we celebrate God’s gift of music by sharing that gift with others. We are blessed each week to be led by the LRBC choir ranging in age from teenagers to senior adults. Our music minister, Julius Feria, has been thoroughly gifted in choral leadership and instrumental talent. Robby Clayton graciously serves as our Worship leader. Sunday after Sunday, these men testify to the amazing grace, faithfulness, and worth of our great God. What a joy it is to come together for corporate worship as the Called, Bought, and Paid for people of Jesus. Would you join us?

For more information, see Music Ministry.

Group of Joy

Some have rightly said that true joy comes when we put Jesus first, others second, and ourselves last. This group seeks to model that statement. Our Group of J.O.Y. are the Joyful, Older, Youth. While made up generally of our seniors, all are welcome!!!

For more information, see Group of Joy.

Audio-Visual Ministry

An important but often unrecognized ministry includes those who record church services and make the recordings publicly available on our website. These people make it possible for members who can’t attend church to hear sermons and watch various events and festivities. We are grateful to this team of talented A/V folks for helping to share the Word of God.