Group of Joy

Everyone loves a joyful day, especially when it mingles with the steadfast Group of Joy (Joyful Older Youth). Originally intended for seniors, the Group of Joy gatherings are now open to all. Just bring your heart of joy in Christ Jesus.

Betty Clayton, Group of Joy Leader

As members of this group, we enjoy meeting for a couple of hours each month, savoring friendship and delicious food, offering prayers, and celebrating the work of the Lord. This group really seeks to be on mission with Jesus. We engage in activities, ministries, and events ranging from fellowship and fun (for example, board games) to writing encouraging notes to the sick and ailing, to visiting shut-ins. We have even been known to drop treats off for our local first responders. There’s always something meaningful to do! Do you like good food, friendly conversation, and a desire to give back in ways that truly matter? Please join us!!!

The group is led by Betty Clayton, whose goal is to serve our Lord and Savior as we work together to build a better fellowship. The group typically gathers around 11:30 on the last Friday of each month and enjoys lunch at noon (though sometimes the schedule varies). If you’re working, feel free to come by for lunch and then return to work. You are welcome here!

Come join us and awaken your heart with joy!

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